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Welcome to My Site… Again.

I’ve had this domain now for 13 years. In that time I’ve created nearly a dozen iterations for this site. Once upon a time it was about photography. Then politics. Then technology. Then politics again. Whatever I was most interested in the time would come and dominate this site.

At one point I threw in the towel on social media and this website and went from obscurity to even more obscurity. (No, I am not the Michael Beck who played in Xanadu.)

Now I’m back. I’ve decided I want to put this domain back into use as my place to share whatever is on my mind. I want to make this a place I can gather all of the social networking stuff on me and make it easy for friends and telemarketers so see what I’m up to.  This is also a place for me to help folks searching Google that are searching for things I actually know.

Most importantly, this is a place for me to re-discover my writing “voice”. I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with other people. Time to dust off this domain and get to typing.


P.S. People tell me that folks like to see a picture with blog posts. So there’s a picture I took years ago with a crummy flip phone to capture my first perfect bowling game in Wii Sports Bowling. I’m so proud.


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